Golf has absolutely become one of the most popular sports in over the world and there is an increasing number of people taking part in this kind of game. There are many opposing opinions explaining its popularity; however, I personally think the reason lies in the mixture of cricket and a ball game.

Have you ever asked yourselves that cricket and golf are somehow similar? Cricket players use the wooden bat to hit the ball while golf ones hit the ball into the targeted hole with a series of clubs. At the same time, golf and a ball game like football share, to some extent, some commons. Let’s imagine! The targeted hole is functioned as the goal; the golf players use the clubs to hit the ball, which is not too different from kicking the ball of football players.


As a result, I think we can call “two in one” if we play this kind of sport. When we get involved in the game, we have a chance of experiencing both games at one time, but do not need to spend our precious time playing both. In addition, we can obviously learn many skills from two different games with playing golf. Like the sport of cricket, golf players need to be strong and quick for the first Tee Shot so that the small hard ball is as close as possible to the Green. Also, the golf players should be skilled, and clever as a football player. They need to consider what club is suitable for the next hit, which is compared as the consideration for who will be the next transfer. Golf players then fall into troubles when their balls are at Hazard or out of the Fairway. This is similar to confronting the rival players to kick the ball into the goal of the football players.

Above is just my personal opinion about the reason explain why golf has recently drawn a lot of attraction, but you can have your own explanation. For example, some people are convinced that playing golf is to advertise themselves because golf is for upper social class who are rich, and powerful. Therefore, there are more and more beautiful golf courses in the world and more and more people come to these places to travel and also play golf. Others argue that they should play golf because it is a good for their health. They can do exercise moderately, which is not too vigorous like at a gym, and not too gentle like strolling. Others would think that they can talk about the contract, the corporation, or negotiation with business partners while they playing golf. The golf course is large, private and quite enough for them to discuss on job and entertain themselves at the same time..etc.

Besides reasons mentioned above, I do believe that there are other reasons answering why golf has become more and more popular. However, whatever the reasons are, we can not deny the truth that there is more golf courses, more golf clubs, and more golfers nowadays. What about you? Why don’t you join with us right now? We are here to welcome you.

Source: Jerry Choice