This article will introduce some tips to prepare best things for a golf game. Let’s check now.


A Pencil Or A Noting App In Your Smart Phone

If you play in a tournament, some people will have you calculate the point you have got. However, when you practice, that is a different story. When practicing, no one will do it for you. You must count your point by your self. It sounds easy but sometimes you will forget the current score. Therefore, preparing a pencil in your golf bag or using a golf calculation application will be very helpful for you.


No matter what the weather is, you should bring the umbrella. You won’t know when it’s rain or when the weather is not suitable for you. Preparing an umbrella in your golf bag will make sure that you can play even in bad weather such as heavy rain or too much sunbeam.

Rain Gear

Another thing which needs to be in your golf bag is rain gear combo. Rain gear combo is designed for playing golf in the heavy rain. You won’t need to stop when it’s starting to rain. Rain gear will support you with the best equipment which can let you enjoy your game without worrying weather conditions. You can have a raincoat, special pant, rain gloves which help you hold the golf club easily in heavy rains. Sometimes, rain gear combo can let you use shoes which are used for the rain condition. With these shoes, you can walk on the grass easily, even in the bad weather condition.

Snack And Drinks

It is really difficult for you to find out a cafeteria in the middle of the golf course and you cannot return to the restaurant position which is often located near the Grass position( The starting position of a golf course). It will take you a lot of time and you can lose your mood because of pausing the game.

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