Putters are used with a special purpose: getting the ball into the hole. It means that the use of putter clubs is quite limited. Golf players use them to make short and low-speed strokes with clear targets from a close distance. Only when your balls are on green area; in other words, the balls are quite close to holes, it is time to use putters. There are a lot of styles of putters such as short, belly, long, bent, and heel-toe. Most putters have a 32 in (81 cm) to 35 in (89 cm) shaft and slightly shorter for most ladies and juniors, longer for most men. However, the putters’ shafts are often designed longer to reduce the degree of freedom which describes the flexibility of motion. Putter is a very important golf club and master this club means you have the key to succeed in golf

Hybrids golf club

Hybrids are considered as a design mixture between both irons and woods while they are, to some extents, different from both of them. As a result, it is called “hybrid”, which means the product of mixing two or more different things. When using long irons (number 1 to 4), players find quite difficult to hit the balls well because the low-loft club heads have relatively small face and the trajectory is low. Gradually, players avoid using these clubs because of their weaknesses, and they also do not find suitable woods to make a replacement. In many cases which players can not use both woods and irons because of the current position of balls, using a hybrid is a good choice for players, and they often replace the 1-4 irons.

Wedges are considered as a sub-class of irons, but they are designed for special uses. Like irons, wedges are often designed with high lofts, short shafts and heavy club heads. Many people wonder that why wedges are necessary when they bring similar features with irons. However, in many situations, players will choose a wedge instead of an iron because a wedge can produce short- distance shots accurately. For example, when the ball is really close to the green, but not too close to use putters, and not too far to use irons, wedges are in need. If players use an iron with far distance, the balls can be hit out of the green, and come to fringe area. In addition, wedges are extremely useful to hit shots where the ground is soft such as sand, mud, and thick grass. With the special design, golf players can use a wedge to extract a ball that is embedded or even buried into soft lies. Wedges are generally categorized into four categories. First, sand wedges  with a lo loft of about 56°, and about 10° of “bounce” are intended to help the players play the ball from soft lies such as sand bunkers. Secondly, pitching wedges, the lowest-lofted wedges, are used to hit a variety of short-range shots. Thirdly, gap wedges, the next higher-lofted wedges after the pitching wedges, have similar function. Finally, lob wedges, with a loft of around 60°, are typically the highest clubs in a player’s bag. When shots require either extreme launch angle, short carry distance or no rolling distance, golfers would choose this type.

To conclude, different clubs are specifically designed for different uses on the golf course. As a result, it is necessary for golf players to have deep understanding of clubs, and then can choose the suitable club for each shot

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