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The Unglamorous Side Of Business Trip

Business trip is associated with alluring destinations and 5-star hotels. However, it could be an ideal thing for those who constantly travel for work and who want their career and life easier.


Check-in queues, flight delays and lonely dinners is the unglamorous sides of business traveler lifestyle, where the perks of going across the globe for meetings in USA or London come up with a physical and emotional cost.

Brian Whitney, an executive at NCR, spends nearly half the year for travelling. He shares that it is a love-hate relationship. There is a glamor to it, there is an achievement but the damage that takes on your personal, professional and marital life is important.

A new UK study has researched on the less alluring aspects of business trips and show its negative side.

The paper titled “A Darker Side of Hypermobility,” examines the physiological, psychological, emotional and social costs traveling workers face.

Scott Cohen, one of the authors of this study as well as deputy director of research in the school of hospitality and tourism management at the University of Surrey, says that if you have seen someone who’s going to a beautiful place for work and posted a beautiful picture of it on Instagram, you have sat at your desk and thought if it would be fantastic for a business trip as well. He adds that it is the glamorous side that is completely missing out these darker aspects.

He frankly emphasizes on the constantly mobile lifestyle is making a silent scene of sick and sad travelers.

If you travel to one destination many times, it could be exceeded your curiosity.

According to medical experts, those who travel frequently for work are less likely to eat well as well as insomnia on long-haul flights.

Moreover, it is the emotional isolation of spending a lot of time away from their families and community. Some people find a lot of trouble to keep up with their daily changing schedule.

Brian Whitney says that it is impossible not to feel lonely on the road and the feelings of isolation and depression often creep in.

He has accumulated 1.6 million miles on Delta alone and has stepped his feet in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia this year.

Once his wife looks at him and tells him ‘I don’t want you to go’, it is actually a knife on his heart. He shares that when he is in Dubai or Adelaide, his wife takes care of everything alone.

Together with the advanced technology, people can hold video conferences with colleagues, partners thousands of miles away, why we also need a business trip?


The difference of time zone as well as the working attitude could be barriers to this decision. Business trips is addictive for many single people. They are not only working but also enjoying food, meeting many people or discovering new cultures.

With a wide range of airline and hotel loyalty programs, travelers is excited to explore new destinations and collect points.

Whitney notes that they have gamified the loyalty programs in which you really want to earn diamond or V.I.P level.

That badge is a way to prove their level in this society or how much you have been traveled. To Whitney, he expressed that he will continue to travel as long as they let him do it. Because he do this to get the business. He go out there to sell his products, do the deals and meet with his clients. Although he gets the same sense when he walk into a meeting room as he do when walking into the airport, he accepts the dark side of these business trips as a part of his environment or his element.

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germany craft beer

Which Countries Is Famous For The Craft Beer

Beer combines traveling. Why not? Statistics have shown that the most famous craft beer stores are the most attractive places for the tourist. This article will review some well-known craft beer countries in the world. Let’s check it right now


No one doubt that this is a poor country. However, regarding food and beverage, this country is really one of the best in this field. There are varieties of food and drink in Cuba. The number of dishes and drinks can be hundreds. When visiting Cuba, we must mention the craft beer due to the high quality of this product. There are many bars and pubs in Cuba which sell craft beer but the most famous ones are located in Havana – the capital of Cuba. They are Cerveceria Antiguo Almacen de la Madera y El Tabaco and Cerveceria Fabrica Plaza Vieja. The craft beer which brewed in these places can be compared with best craft beer in the world. You can feel fresh, the high-standard of every beer glass in these places. If you want to read more the information about top craft beer in Cuba, especially in Havana, you can visit Ibuyonething


germany craft beer

When you talk about beer, which country will be in your mind. I bet that will be the Germany. As you know, Germany succeeds at developing their beer industry as the leader in the world. No country can be better than this field like Germany and we find the same story with craft beer. It is very hard to find a low-quality craft beer in this country because the competition is really difficult, even with the most famous ones. If the brands cannot make sure that their beer flavors are premium, they soon are boycotted. As you can see, craft beer in almost bars in Germany will be guaranteed. What you need to do is don’t hesitate? Let’s try all of the craft beer you can drink whenever you have a chance. You won’t forget about the craft beer tastes in this country.

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