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Garmin Approach S20

Play Golf With Garmin Approach S20

Golf GPS Watch is a necessary device for new golfers. It can help them create good mindset when playing golf. You can learn a lot of thing when playing golf with this device. Let’s me show you why you can play golf better with Garmin Approach S20

Garmin Approach S20

The First Reason – Measuring Everything For You

Do you know reason why people lose a golf game. You can say their skill are not good. However, according to latest golf’s research, golfers are believed to play bad if they don’t create a good strategy in a game. The popular reason why they can’t create a good tactics is that they can’t measure important factors in a golf game. Do you want to know these factors? They could be the distance from you to a special spot or the angle you need to prepare for a good swing shot. If you are a professional golfer, these details are not problems for you. But things are different if you are just a beginner. The good news is Garmin Approach S20 can help you. It can measure important factors easily and speedily. You just need to spend few seconds to complete a distance calculation. It may take a minute to calculate a good angle or the suitable power. However, if you use Garmin Approach S20 regularly, it can do faster on the next time because it collected useful information from user database. Believe me, this gadget can let you go to a new level.

The second reason – Other Useful Functions

People still have a big mistake that products like golf rangefinder or golf GPS watch only can do one thing. That is help you control the distance or measure it. In fact, golf rangefinder or golf GPS watch can offer you other great features. Of course, Garmin Approach S20 is a high-end golf GPS watch and that means you can have useful features from it. Let’s see what this gadget offer for you. They are tracking metrics related to calories burned, hours of sleep, steps.

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Why Does Golf Draw A Lot Of Attention?

Golf has absolutely become one of the most popular sports in over the world and there is an increasing number of people taking part in this kind of game. There are many opposing opinions explaining its popularity; however, I personally think the reason lies in the mixture of cricket and a ball game.

Have you ever asked yourselves that cricket and golf are somehow similar? Cricket players use the wooden bat to hit the ball while golf ones hit the ball into the targeted hole with a series of clubs. At the same time, golf and a ball game like football share, to some extent, some commons. Let’s imagine! The targeted hole is functioned as the goal; the golf players use the clubs to hit the ball, which is not too different from kicking the ball of football players.


As a result, I think we can call “two in one” if we play this kind of sport. When we get involved in the game, we have a chance of experiencing both games at one time, but do not need to spend our precious time playing both. In addition, we can obviously learn many skills from two different games with playing golf. Like the sport of cricket, golf players need to be strong and quick for the first Tee Shot so that the small hard ball is as close as possible to the Green. Also, the golf players should be skilled, and clever as a football player. They need to consider what club is suitable for the next hit, which is compared as the consideration for who will be the next transfer. Golf players then fall into troubles when their balls are at Hazard or out of the Fairway. This is similar to confronting the rival players to kick the ball into the goal of the football players.

Above is just my personal opinion about the reason explain why golf has recently drawn a lot of attraction, but you can have your own explanation. For example, some people are convinced that playing golf is to advertise themselves because golf is for upper social class who are rich, and powerful. Therefore, there are more and more beautiful golf courses in the world and more and more people come to these places to travel and also play golf. Others argue that they should play golf because it is a good for their health. They can do exercise moderately, which is not too vigorous like at a gym, and not too gentle like strolling. Others would think that they can talk about the contract, the corporation, or negotiation with business partners while they playing golf. The golf course is large, private and quite enough for them to discuss on job and entertain themselves at the same time..etc.

Besides reasons mentioned above, I do believe that there are other reasons answering why golf has become more and more popular. However, whatever the reasons are, we can not deny the truth that there is more golf courses, more golf clubs, and more golfers nowadays. What about you? Why don’t you join with us right now? We are here to welcome you.

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Hybrids golf club

Some Important Golf Clubs

Putters are used with a special purpose: getting the ball into the hole. It means that the use of putter clubs is quite limited. Golf players use them to make short and low-speed strokes with clear targets from a close distance. Only when your balls are on green area; in other words, the balls are quite close to holes, it is time to use putters. There are a lot of styles of putters such as short, belly, long, bent, and heel-toe. Most putters have a 32 in (81 cm) to 35 in (89 cm) shaft and slightly shorter for most ladies and juniors, longer for most men. However, the putters’ shafts are often designed longer to reduce the degree of freedom which describes the flexibility of motion. Putter is a very important golf club and master this club means you have the key to succeed in golf

Hybrids golf club

Hybrids are considered as a design mixture between both irons and woods while they are, to some extents, different from both of them. As a result, it is called “hybrid”, which means the product of mixing two or more different things. When using long irons (number 1 to 4), players find quite difficult to hit the balls well because the low-loft club heads have relatively small face and the trajectory is low. Gradually, players avoid using these clubs because of their weaknesses, and they also do not find suitable woods to make a replacement. In many cases which players can not use both woods and irons because of the current position of balls, using a hybrid is a good choice for players, and they often replace the 1-4 irons.

Wedges are considered as a sub-class of irons, but they are designed for special uses. Like irons, wedges are often designed with high lofts, short shafts and heavy club heads. Many people wonder that why wedges are necessary when they bring similar features with irons. However, in many situations, players will choose a wedge instead of an iron because a wedge can produce short- distance shots accurately. For example, when the ball is really close to the green, but not too close to use putters, and not too far to use irons, wedges are in need. If players use an iron with far distance, the balls can be hit out of the green, and come to fringe area. In addition, wedges are extremely useful to hit shots where the ground is soft such as sand, mud, and thick grass. With the special design, golf players can use a wedge to extract a ball that is embedded or even buried into soft lies. Wedges are generally categorized into four categories. First, sand wedges  with a lo loft of about 56°, and about 10° of “bounce” are intended to help the players play the ball from soft lies such as sand bunkers. Secondly, pitching wedges, the lowest-lofted wedges, are used to hit a variety of short-range shots. Thirdly, gap wedges, the next higher-lofted wedges after the pitching wedges, have similar function. Finally, lob wedges, with a loft of around 60°, are typically the highest clubs in a player’s bag. When shots require either extreme launch angle, short carry distance or no rolling distance, golfers would choose this type.

To conclude, different clubs are specifically designed for different uses on the golf course. As a result, it is necessary for golf players to have deep understanding of clubs, and then can choose the suitable club for each shot

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What Do You Need To Prepare For A Golf Game

This article will introduce some tips to prepare best things for a golf game. Let’s check now.


A Pencil Or A Noting App In Your Smart Phone

If you play in a tournament, some people will have you calculate the point you have got. However, when you practice, that is a different story. When practicing, no one will do it for you. You must count your point by your self. It sounds easy but sometimes you will forget the current score. Therefore, preparing a pencil in your golf bag or using a golf calculation application will be very helpful for you.


No matter what the weather is, you should bring the umbrella. You won’t know when it’s rain or when the weather is not suitable for you. Preparing an umbrella in your golf bag will make sure that you can play even in bad weather such as heavy rain or too much sunbeam.

Rain Gear

Another thing which needs to be in your golf bag is rain gear combo. Rain gear combo is designed for playing golf in the heavy rain. You won’t need to stop when it’s starting to rain. Rain gear will support you with the best equipment which can let you enjoy your game without worrying weather conditions. You can have a raincoat, special pant, rain gloves which help you hold the golf club easily in heavy rains. Sometimes, rain gear combo can let you use shoes which are used for the rain condition. With these shoes, you can walk on the grass easily, even in the bad weather condition.

Snack And Drinks

It is really difficult for you to find out a cafeteria in the middle of the golf course and you cannot return to the restaurant position which is often located near the Grass position( The starting position of a golf course). It will take you a lot of time and you can lose your mood because of pausing the game.

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Improving Your Health, Let’s Play Golf?

You want to improve your health status with a sport but you don’t know which one is the best for you. Football seems like a good decision but only if you are still young. This sport will give you a lot of problems if your physical status is not enough for its requirement. Tennis? You will have the similar case as the football. Why don’t you choose golf – one of the most popular sport in developed countries? Golf can have the great impact on your health if you play it regularly. This article will give you benefits of golf which will improve your health clearly


Your Heart Will Be Healthy

Walking is one of the best exercises in making your heart healthier. Walking regularly will support blood pumping process in your heart. This process is very important and sometimes it will have troubles if you won’t work out regularly. As you know, the problem related to stroke or heart attack is affected by this process and the risk of these diseases will be decreased if you spend more time walking. But only walking is too boring. Therefore, you need to play a sport which will help you walk with a purpose. Golf is the sport can do that. Walking on a golf course will ensure that your heart will be always in the best form. The negative effect such as cholesterol will be reduced if you use your time wisely with a golf course. Hitting is also a good practice for your heart. The blood flow or the heart rate which are the important factors to your heart will be developed healthily. Perfect heart rate is 100 beats per minute for a sports player and you will gain it easily after playing an 18-hole golf course. Another thing needs to mention is that golf won’t bring any side-effect for your heart like other sports. Football or tennis can be trouble for your heart if you spend too much time and too much energy on them but golf won’t be like that. The more time you spend for golf, the healthier heart you will have.

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Is Distance Control Important In Golf?

In golf, besides mastering golf skills such as hitting a power shot, finishing, is there anything important in this sport? In some golfer’s opinions, they believe that yardage management is significant for a golf match. Is it right? This article will discuss the importance of yardage and give the golfers common ways to deal with it


Distance Control – The Key To Win

As you know, a golf game is a battle of information. The one who owns more valuable information will hold the key which can open the winning door. Distance is one of them. Distance is the information any golfers want to have at the first position – The grass. Managing the distance will let golfer know the suitable power for their shot. More than that, they can know the right club for the shot. Do you know that professional golfer chooses the club based on how they approach their target? If their target is far away, a long club will be chosen. In contrast, a short club will be suitable for a short distance target.  As you can see, distance or yardage is the main factor of a win. If you find out how to adjust your shot based on the distance, you soon will be a top golf player. However, this skill is not easy to be mastered. It will take your time, your energy, your money to do that. Don’t try to copy the top professional golf players, they are the best ones. They don’t any supports to measure this because they practice thousand times to master it. There is a faster way for you to get this skill with a little support from a machine called Golf Rangefinder.

Practice With Golf Rangefinder

You cannot measure the distance and adjust your shot by your eye. It is okay because only a few number of golfer can do that with the traditional method. Another method will be used in this situation is playing golf with a golf rangefinder. The device is made to help you find out the exact yardage between you and the spot you direct the ball come to. Based on laser technology, golf rangefinder will accumulate necessary details for you. Now, you can create your golf game with this device. Distance control is not a nightmare for new golfer any longer. However, just remember that don’t rely too much on it if you want to become a world-class player

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