North Korea is known as one of the mysterious places in the world and sometimes, it is often called “the land of whispers”.

According to a visitors traveling to North Korea before, she said

“North Korea is crazy. It is probably one of the most exotic places I’ve been in my life and it it completely change the way I think about the world. It changed the way the governments, it changed the way that I think about the society, it just changed the way I think about how people can live they lives.”

Many people are curious about this country and they try to find out the way to visit this country, even illegal immigrants. Every year only about 1000-2000 visitors are allowed to go this country, only in Arirang Games. Most of people seem to think that travel to Korea is impossible, or at least very difficult but the truth is that it’s very easy. All I had to do is email a copy of my passport to the company and they will take care of everything else from there. The downside of it is that you have to travel with a group.

To enter the Pyongyang, you have to go to Beijing and then board your train to Pyongyang. However, you have to comply with some rules when visiting in this country. A tour guide in North Korea said:

“ In our country, you have to do this, in our country you can not do this. There are a lot of rules you need to follow.”


1.No footage of Korean comrade.

In North Korea, you are not allowed to take video or take pictures of local people because they will be angry with you and you will get in trouble.

2. Just 2% Of North Korea Population Can Access To The Internet

It sounds ridiculous but majority of North Korea citizen are not allowed to access to the internet. The North Korea government believes that internet is really a big threat to their system. Just 2% of North Korea citizen can have the permission to access to internet. However, there is some limit for them. There is some special firewalls for them. Western news websites are not allowed to access in North Korea. You only can visit sports website such golf news, football news.  That is the reason why traffic from North Korea is only on sport activities like golf, soccer or basketball. Look at the top search keyword in North Korea. These are how to clean golf clubs by your self, how to have a good shot in soccer. As you can see, they can’t find out many things due to rules from government.

3. Respect the press

If you read a newspaper which has a picture of Kim Jong II, Kim II Song or Kim Jong Un, you are not allowed to fold that newspaper in a half or crumble it or disrespect it in any way. By the way, every picture of their dear leaders will be on the cover.

4. Filming should be realistic

When photographing any statues or any monuments of the dear leaders, you always have to shoot them from a low angle point of view. You have to shoot the whole image without any cuts on anything.

The only accomodation in North Korea that the visitors choose to live here is hotel, but most of rooms is empty, even in the bar, restaurants or the swimming pool.

It is also the only place in the world serving fastfood without a glass of Coke. If you drop by some grocery shops by its appearance, you will be surprised when looking closer. It is empty and all of fruits are fake for decoration.

In this country, you will listen many quirky stories that you have never listened before but it is a part of the conscious of people here. People here have a little-known about the concept as Youtube or hi-tech devices. They are not access to the outside world so they don’t know much about other countries.

In this country, they actually admire their leader and put their images in everywhere, even name the tree based on the name of their leaders. They love to buy many things but they don’t have anything to buy. There are no concepts of supply and demand here

Moreover, you can not do everything in this country without permission. So many visitors travelling here think that it is a terrible country and the citizens has a difficult time living here.

From Jerry Choice