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Month: November 2017


Something About North Korea

North Korea is known as one of the mysterious places in the world and sometimes, it is often called “the land of whispers”.

According to a visitors traveling to North Korea before, she said

“North Korea is crazy. It is probably one of the most exotic places I’ve been in my life and it it completely change the way I think about the world. It changed the way the governments, it changed the way that I think about the society, it just changed the way I think about how people can live they lives.”

Many people are curious about this country and they try to find out the way to visit this country, even illegal immigrants. Every year only about 1000-2000 visitors are allowed to go this country, only in Arirang Games. Most of people seem to think that travel to Korea is impossible, or at least very difficult but the truth is that it’s very easy. All I had to do is email a copy of my passport to the company and they will take care of everything else from there. The downside of it is that you have to travel with a group.

To enter the Pyongyang, you have to go to Beijing and then board your train to Pyongyang. However, you have to comply with some rules when visiting in this country. A tour guide in North Korea said:

“ In our country, you have to do this, in our country you can not do this. There are a lot of rules you need to follow.”


1.No footage of Korean comrade.

In North Korea, you are not allowed to take video or take pictures of local people because they will be angry with you and you will get in trouble.

2. Just 2% Of North Korea Population Can Access To The Internet

It sounds ridiculous but majority of North Korea citizen are not allowed to access to the internet. The North Korea government believes that internet is really a big threat to their system. Just 2% of North Korea citizen can have the permission to access to internet. However, there is some limit for them. There is some special firewalls for them. Western news websites are not allowed to access in North Korea. You only can visit sports website such golf news, football news.  That is the reason why traffic from North Korea is only on sport activities like golf, soccer or basketball. Look at the top search keyword in North Korea. These are how to clean golf clubs by your self, how to have a good shot in soccer. As you can see, they can’t find out many things due to rules from government.

3. Respect the press

If you read a newspaper which has a picture of Kim Jong II, Kim II Song or Kim Jong Un, you are not allowed to fold that newspaper in a half or crumble it or disrespect it in any way. By the way, every picture of their dear leaders will be on the cover.

4. Filming should be realistic

When photographing any statues or any monuments of the dear leaders, you always have to shoot them from a low angle point of view. You have to shoot the whole image without any cuts on anything.

The only accomodation in North Korea that the visitors choose to live here is hotel, but most of rooms is empty, even in the bar, restaurants or the swimming pool.

It is also the only place in the world serving fastfood without a glass of Coke. If you drop by some grocery shops by its appearance, you will be surprised when looking closer. It is empty and all of fruits are fake for decoration.

In this country, you will listen many quirky stories that you have never listened before but it is a part of the conscious of people here. People here have a little-known about the concept as Youtube or hi-tech devices. They are not access to the outside world so they don’t know much about other countries.

In this country, they actually admire their leader and put their images in everywhere, even name the tree based on the name of their leaders. They love to buy many things but they don’t have anything to buy. There are no concepts of supply and demand here

Moreover, you can not do everything in this country without permission. So many visitors travelling here think that it is a terrible country and the citizens has a difficult time living here.

From Jerry Choice



The Unglamorous Side Of Business Trip

Business trip is associated with alluring destinations and 5-star hotels. However, it could be an ideal thing for those who constantly travel for work and who want their career and life easier.


Check-in queues, flight delays and lonely dinners is the unglamorous sides of business traveler lifestyle, where the perks of going across the globe for meetings in USA or London come up with a physical and emotional cost.

Brian Whitney, an executive at NCR, spends nearly half the year for travelling. He shares that it is a love-hate relationship. There is a glamor to it, there is an achievement but the damage that takes on your personal, professional and marital life is important.

A new UK study has researched on the less alluring aspects of business trips and show its negative side.

The paper titled “A Darker Side of Hypermobility,” examines the physiological, psychological, emotional and social costs traveling workers face.

Scott Cohen, one of the authors of this study as well as deputy director of research in the school of hospitality and tourism management at the University of Surrey, says that if you have seen someone who’s going to a beautiful place for work and posted a beautiful picture of it on Instagram, you have sat at your desk and thought if it would be fantastic for a business trip as well. He adds that it is the glamorous side that is completely missing out these darker aspects.

He frankly emphasizes on the constantly mobile lifestyle is making a silent scene of sick and sad travelers.

If you travel to one destination many times, it could be exceeded your curiosity.

According to medical experts, those who travel frequently for work are less likely to eat well as well as insomnia on long-haul flights.

Moreover, it is the emotional isolation of spending a lot of time away from their families and community. Some people find a lot of trouble to keep up with their daily changing schedule.

Brian Whitney says that it is impossible not to feel lonely on the road and the feelings of isolation and depression often creep in.

He has accumulated 1.6 million miles on Delta alone and has stepped his feet in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia this year.

Once his wife looks at him and tells him ‘I don’t want you to go’, it is actually a knife on his heart. He shares that when he is in Dubai or Adelaide, his wife takes care of everything alone.

Together with the advanced technology, people can hold video conferences with colleagues, partners thousands of miles away, why we also need a business trip?


The difference of time zone as well as the working attitude could be barriers to this decision. Business trips is addictive for many single people. They are not only working but also enjoying food, meeting many people or discovering new cultures.

With a wide range of airline and hotel loyalty programs, travelers is excited to explore new destinations and collect points.

Whitney notes that they have gamified the loyalty programs in which you really want to earn diamond or V.I.P level.

That badge is a way to prove their level in this society or how much you have been traveled. To Whitney, he expressed that he will continue to travel as long as they let him do it. Because he do this to get the business. He go out there to sell his products, do the deals and meet with his clients. Although he gets the same sense when he walk into a meeting room as he do when walking into the airport, he accepts the dark side of these business trips as a part of his environment or his element.

Source A Small Blogger



Why Does Golf Draw A Lot Of Attention?

Golf has absolutely become one of the most popular sports in over the world and there is an increasing number of people taking part in this kind of game. There are many opposing opinions explaining its popularity; however, I personally think the reason lies in the mixture of cricket and a ball game.

Have you ever asked yourselves that cricket and golf are somehow similar? Cricket players use the wooden bat to hit the ball while golf ones hit the ball into the targeted hole with a series of clubs. At the same time, golf and a ball game like football share, to some extent, some commons. Let’s imagine! The targeted hole is functioned as the goal; the golf players use the clubs to hit the ball, which is not too different from kicking the ball of football players.


As a result, I think we can call “two in one” if we play this kind of sport. When we get involved in the game, we have a chance of experiencing both games at one time, but do not need to spend our precious time playing both. In addition, we can obviously learn many skills from two different games with playing golf. Like the sport of cricket, golf players need to be strong and quick for the first Tee Shot so that the small hard ball is as close as possible to the Green. Also, the golf players should be skilled, and clever as a football player. They need to consider what club is suitable for the next hit, which is compared as the consideration for who will be the next transfer. Golf players then fall into troubles when their balls are at Hazard or out of the Fairway. This is similar to confronting the rival players to kick the ball into the goal of the football players.

Above is just my personal opinion about the reason explain why golf has recently drawn a lot of attraction, but you can have your own explanation. For example, some people are convinced that playing golf is to advertise themselves because golf is for upper social class who are rich, and powerful. Therefore, there are more and more beautiful golf courses in the world and more and more people come to these places to travel and also play golf. Others argue that they should play golf because it is a good for their health. They can do exercise moderately, which is not too vigorous like at a gym, and not too gentle like strolling. Others would think that they can talk about the contract, the corporation, or negotiation with business partners while they playing golf. The golf course is large, private and quite enough for them to discuss on job and entertain themselves at the same time..etc.

Besides reasons mentioned above, I do believe that there are other reasons answering why golf has become more and more popular. However, whatever the reasons are, we can not deny the truth that there is more golf courses, more golf clubs, and more golfers nowadays. What about you? Why don’t you join with us right now? We are here to welcome you.

Source: Jerry Choice


Hybrids golf club

Some Important Golf Clubs

Putters are used with a special purpose: getting the ball into the hole. It means that the use of putter clubs is quite limited. Golf players use them to make short and low-speed strokes with clear targets from a close distance. Only when your balls are on green area; in other words, the balls are quite close to holes, it is time to use putters. There are a lot of styles of putters such as short, belly, long, bent, and heel-toe. Most putters have a 32 in (81 cm) to 35 in (89 cm) shaft and slightly shorter for most ladies and juniors, longer for most men. However, the putters’ shafts are often designed longer to reduce the degree of freedom which describes the flexibility of motion. Putter is a very important golf club and master this club means you have the key to succeed in golf

Hybrids golf club

Hybrids are considered as a design mixture between both irons and woods while they are, to some extents, different from both of them. As a result, it is called “hybrid”, which means the product of mixing two or more different things. When using long irons (number 1 to 4), players find quite difficult to hit the balls well because the low-loft club heads have relatively small face and the trajectory is low. Gradually, players avoid using these clubs because of their weaknesses, and they also do not find suitable woods to make a replacement. In many cases which players can not use both woods and irons because of the current position of balls, using a hybrid is a good choice for players, and they often replace the 1-4 irons.

Wedges are considered as a sub-class of irons, but they are designed for special uses. Like irons, wedges are often designed with high lofts, short shafts and heavy club heads. Many people wonder that why wedges are necessary when they bring similar features with irons. However, in many situations, players will choose a wedge instead of an iron because a wedge can produce short- distance shots accurately. For example, when the ball is really close to the green, but not too close to use putters, and not too far to use irons, wedges are in need. If players use an iron with far distance, the balls can be hit out of the green, and come to fringe area. In addition, wedges are extremely useful to hit shots where the ground is soft such as sand, mud, and thick grass. With the special design, golf players can use a wedge to extract a ball that is embedded or even buried into soft lies. Wedges are generally categorized into four categories. First, sand wedges  with a lo loft of about 56°, and about 10° of “bounce” are intended to help the players play the ball from soft lies such as sand bunkers. Secondly, pitching wedges, the lowest-lofted wedges, are used to hit a variety of short-range shots. Thirdly, gap wedges, the next higher-lofted wedges after the pitching wedges, have similar function. Finally, lob wedges, with a loft of around 60°, are typically the highest clubs in a player’s bag. When shots require either extreme launch angle, short carry distance or no rolling distance, golfers would choose this type.

To conclude, different clubs are specifically designed for different uses on the golf course. As a result, it is necessary for golf players to have deep understanding of clubs, and then can choose the suitable club for each shot

Source: I Buy One Thing


Top Ways To Enjoy Beer

Enjoying beer is like an artwork. That is how people said about beer and how to enjoy it. This article will collect top ways to enjoy beer like a beer expert.


Concept Is Very Important

Most mistakes from new beer fan is that they just focus on the quality and the price tag of their beer. With them, concept is not important or they choose it randomly. This is the reason why the taste of beer cannot be touched. Let’s think about this situation. You are drinking in a noisy bar and you feel uncomfortable about it. What is the secret behind this feeling? That is the uncomfortable concept

Drinking Beer In The Right Temperature

Somebody is in the belief that if they drink a very cold beer, they will feel the better flavor. In fact, cold temperature is not suitable for beer. Only the right temperature is what you need to have. There are some researchs about which temperature is suitable for craft beer. They found an amazing results. To make the beer cooler, experts give an advice that beer should be served in high temperature than in the fridge. By put them outside the fridge about 15 minutes, you can have the best temperature for the flavor. To explain this, scientist belive that this practice can help aromas and best ingredient in beer “explode” in your tounge. Now let’s change your habit and thinking with new beer style

Sunlight- Don’t Your Beer Near It

Sunlight will affect the beer directedly. That is the information from scientists of Michigan. They believe that beer is not allowed to be in sunlight unless you use it. You cannot drink these kind of beer which there are a lot of sunbeam around it. Let’s buy one bottled beer with that condition, the flavor of your favorite beer won’t be there. In stead, you feel the strange beer taste with at least 50% quality decrease.

Source: Best News Review

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